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In Kharkov in 2010, on the initiative of DAAD, the German center and the NGO ‘MultiKultiUA’, started working together for an all-encompassing development of German-Ukrainian relations.
With the support of the national Karazina university, the first establishment of the German center in Kharkov will be opened on the 6st of October. A German-Ukrainian academic center, the main goal will be the realisation of projects in the realm of education, science, and culture.
The German-Ukrainian academic center is located in the North building of the Karazina University (Liberty square, 8). On this initiative multiple cultural and scientific centers have already been realized, some of them abroad. In order to facilitate the development of such initiatives, the university will provide some classrooms, offices and a comference room.
2)On the 27th of March, a festive opening ceremony of the center took place, sponsored by the Kharkov university of humanities, the Ukrainian People’s academy, the honorary consulate of the Bundesrepublik Germany, and the NGO MultiKultiUA.
The ceremony was visited by the honorary consul of the Bundesrepublik Germany in Kharkov, T. Gravrish, and the Dean of the pedagogical university Weingarten, G. Bunch.
The Creation center is a part of an encompassing and long term work plan developed by the German center in Kharkov. It is meant to strengthen the academic, scientific, and economic contacts between Ukrainian and German institutes and companies. The tasks of the center consist of organising partnerships between higher education institutions in both countries, the creation of a platform for The creation of a platform for representatives of business contacts from Ukraine and Germany in the Kharkov region, as well as coordinating a communal platform for the development of professional, pedagogical and business contacts between Ukrainian and German partners.

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‘From the earliest moments in the development of Ukrainian-German relations the bilateral cooperation with the pedagogical university of weingarten pays off, as well as the perspective of realising a platform for scientific cooperation on the regional level between Baden-Wurttemberg and Kharkov regions.’ thus spoke Martin Reuter, main coordinator of the German center in Kharkov and a founding member of NGO MultiKultiUA.


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