Project ‘educational bus’

Our organisation ‘MultiKultiUA’ is the main organiser of the project ‘Educational Bus’
Contributing to the European integration process of Ukraine, the goal of this project was to improve the foreign language skills of rural students, while at the same time exposing them to people from different cultures. The first run of the project started at the 15th of October 2013 and lasted until 1st of June. During that time, the bus visited numerous villages and towns in the Kharkov region.

bus 1
Besides MultiKultiUA, which represented the language and culture of the German speaking parts of Europe, there were other organisations active in the project: the general consulate of the republic of Poland, the Institut Français, and the Peace Corps Kharkov from the U.S.A.
This social education project was the first of its kind in Ukraine, and can serve as an example for other regions in the future. Staraja Wodolaga and Podseredne Burlutskij were the first villages in the region which were visited by the ‘Educational Bus’. For the project, volunteers from German speaking countries, France, Poland, and the U.S.A. went into the classrooms of village schools, and taught the children about their native language and culture. In order to fully participate in an ever globalizing world and a unified Europe the knowledge of a foreign language is essential.

bus 2
The «Educational Bus» project  involved young Europeans and Americans as the bearers of German, Polish, French or US language and culture. They  all participated as volunteers in the project, with the common aim of raising the desire for knowledge and curiosity and the fun of learning foreign languages ​​among the children and young people in the rural regions of Kharkiv. Additionally, it drew attention to the invaluable cultural and linguistic diversity of Ukraine. The project also served to strengthen the self-confidence of the young rural population and was intended to show that the village life of Ukraine, with its traditions, customs and lifestyle, is an important part of Ukrainian culture. The project proclaims the great European ideas of ​​tolerance, openness, justice and cultural diversity.
In addition, a series of events took place during the project «Educational Bus» between 15 October 2013 and 1 June 2014: exhibitions, special trainings, film screenings, literary readings, lectures, forums as well as talks on various cultural, social and educational policy Topics with reference to Europe and Ukraine. Moreover, small contests and scholarship grants were organized in order to encourage pupils and students to become active in rural regions themselves.

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