Organising conferences and summer camps

seminars and summer camps


MultiKultiUA organizes conferences and seminars about Germany and Europe. One of our most important partners in this sphere is the regional institute for state administration. Our project assistants have participated in numerous conferences and think tanks in this institute in the past few years. Apart from Ukrainian and European themes, our conferences are about social and cultural issues in the sphere of education and exchange programs; such as migration and multiculturalism.

Furthermore, our project assistants not only participate in conferences, but are also active as initiators of such events. In 2012, in partnership with the Institut Français, the DAAD, and four universities in Kharkov, the event  «Откры для себя Европу» (Open Europe for yourself) was organized. The themes were studying in Germany, France, and how to get scholarships. We support all our project assistants in realizing their own ideas about projects and conferences.

Additionally, our organisation organizes language classes in children’s and youth summer camps of the German community for international cooperation (GIZ), who work for the federal ministry of the interior and are entrusted with the German minority in Ukraine.


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