Establishing partnerships for social projects


socialWe are very much involved with establishing contacts for our partner organisations in Western Europe. This way, we facilitate and exchange of knowledge and experience between Ukraine and Western Europe.  We help foreign delegations and groups who ,in the spirit of this cooperation project, travel to Kharkov. The number of these visits has lately seen an increase.

For example, we helped establish contacts between the AstA of the Christian-Albrechts university in Kiel, and the student society (‘profsoyuz’) of the Kharkov polytechnical institute. Our chairman, Sergey, was in charge of this project. In november 2010 a delegation will go to Kiel, and recently a delegation from Kiel visited us in Kharkov.

We are also interested in establishing social partnerships. These partnerships can lead to agreements about humanitarian help, facilitating volunteer work, or other such projects. In these programs, we see a special role for ourselves as ‘initiators’, meaning that we will establish first contact and help with getting the project off the ground. When we see that the project can work independently and autonomously, we pull back.


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