Exhibit for blind persons

On October 20th, at 18.00, Kharkiv Literary Museum will open a unique exhibition for blind people called «Feel the culture», dedicated to iconic monuments.

This exhibition introduces both blind persons and non-blind persons to a different way of exploring architectural sights of various parts of the world. The exhibition will feature 17 three-dimensional figures — exact copies of famous architectural structures in the world. Visitors can explore these figures with their own hands and acquire some information about each building.
In addition, visitors will be able to experience the flavours and listen to music related to a particular culture. All landmarks are printed using a special high-precision machine tool and 3D-printer. The figures have high quality and most accurately reproduce every detail of the surface of every building.
The organisers of the exhibition are «MultiKultiUA» and Hub Garage Gwara Media together with the Rotaract Club «Kharkiv First Capital».

The exhibition will be held October 21-26 from 10.00 to 18.00 in Kharkiv Literary Museum.


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