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“MultiKultiUA” was founded in 2009 by the Ukrainian journalist Oleg Roy and DAAD lecturer Martin Reuther in Kharkiv. It is registered as a non-governmental organisation based in Kharkiv, in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Our goals:

  • Foster cultural exchange between Kharkiv and other European cities
  • Increase credibility, trust and cooperation between European countries and Ukraine
  • Position Kharkiv as an international, diverse and cosmopolitan European city
  • Promote Kharkiv as a location of science, culture and economy
  • Encourage knowledge exchanges between Europeans and Ukrainians
  • Enhance mobility and intercultural competences of young Ukrainians
  • Support tourism, especially in the area of Kharkiv
  • Support German language and culture as well as multilingualism in general

To reach these goals, we have developed a broad set of activities and work on realising various projects and events.

Currently we are working on:

  • Coordinating internship placements, voluntary services, community services and language assistance jobs
  • Organising school exchanges
  • Realising educational and cultural travels in Ukraine and Western Europe
  • Organising cultural and sport events
  • Realising summer camps, seminars and conferences on relevant issues
  • Assisting international delegations that visit Kharkiv
  • Cooperating with organisations with similar aims

For more information on our current projects, please check «Aktivitäten und Projekte«. (in German)

The chairman of our association is Sergei Savitskiy; he is an executive partner of the travel agency “MonteTravel” and a doctoral candidate of the local University of Polytechnics.

In June 2011, our association had a total of 47 members. In addition, we have a growing network of volunteers and sponsors, without whom our work would not be possible.

For information on our team, please check «Unser Team«. (in German)

Activities and projects:

As mentioned above, one of the main goals of our association is to permanently increase the exchange between the Ukrainian youth and young people from other European cities. We focus especially (but not exclusively) on Kharkiv city and Kharkiv region.

Our motto is:

Exchange is communication.
Exchange is mobility.
There is no limit to communication and mobility.

Exchange of volunteers and interns:
According to the applicants interests and fields of expertise, we find internships or volunteering services for them in NGOs, companies, schools, universities (language assistants of DaF) or social service providers, such as soup kitchens, sheltered workshops for the disabled, orphanages, etc. These employments are possible both on short and long-term (up to three months) basis. Volunteers come to Ukraine at their own expense or financed (partly or fully) by a scholarship program (EVS, FSJ, Weltwärts, DAAD). Occasionally, we also delegate volunteers from Ukraine to Germany and other European countries.
LINK: Datenbank der Einsatzstellen in Charkiw/in der Ukraine
LINK: Bewerbungsformular

Placements of Ukrainian students in German summer jobs
Since 2011 our association acts as the official partner of the German Federal Employment Agency. Within the scope of the program «International Placement Service» (ZAV), we facilitate and coordinate the placement of young Ukrainian employees. For detailed information please check:

Examination center TestDaF
MultiKultiUA is also associated to the official test center for TestDaF and TestAS.
TestDaF is a language test acknowledged by all German colleges, which proofs German language skills and entitles non-German students to study at German universities.
Besides Kharkiv, there are another three test centers in Ukraine.
TestAS is an “IQ test for students”, which is increasingly asked for by mostly technical colleges for the admission of foreign students.

Partner Networking/Social Networking
We are interested in putting our partners in contact with potential cooperation partners. Therefore, we often guide delegations and initiative groups from abroad who come to Kharkiv. Recently, the number of such visits has increased significantly.
A short while ago, we were able to connect the AstA of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel and the student union (so-called “Profsoyuz“) of the Polytechnical University Kharkiv HPI. This project is being supervised by our chairman Sergei. In November 2010 a Ukrainian delegation was invited to Kiel and a German delegation from Kiel was here with us in Kharkiv.

Furthermore we are highly interested in business relations, which can lead to the support of humanitarian aid, creation of voluntary jobs and other social and cultural projects.
Especially in this context, we see ourselves as an “igniting network”. That means, we establish the initial contact, supervise the process if necessary in the beginning and withdraw as soon as we see that the autonomy of the actors and the sustainability of the project are guaranteed.

In this context, our “Arbeitsgruppe Schulaustausch” (work group school exchange) should not go unmentioned.

Organisation of seminars and summer camps
Our association organises seminars and trainings on relevant issues. Furthermore, a big international summer camp in Krasnokutsk is scheduled for the summer. Next year we are going to host a huge German-Ukrainian youth camp for firefighters.

Furthermore, our association places language assistants to kids’ and youth camps organised by the German corporation for international cooperation (GIZ).

Development of tourism in the rural area of Eastern Ukraine
Along with our partner, the travel business MonteTravel, we support local initiatives for the development of tourism. Eastern Ukraine is very picturesque. However, due to the fact that it is not commercially exploited, it is yet an insiders’ tip. We perform seminars and show both domestic visitors and from abroad the most beautiful places in the areas of Kharkiv, Sumy and Poltava.

Not long ago, we organised a workshop in conjunction with the city council of Kharkiv, to which we had invited eight different experts from Germany (THW, firefighters, tourism, media, fan projects). The event, which was also attended by guests from Warsaw and Poznan, were very well received by the public. Actually, even the Polish head of mission attended the opening in the great press hall of the “Metallist” stadium.

Further arrangements in this context are being planned.

Project Partnership
In the near future, we plan to intensify contact with European and international organisations, particularly with the Council of Europe, different programs of EU and UN, as well as the vocational education organisation “Euroskills”.


We are looking forward to your stimuli and constructive criticism and we are always open for everything new that serves our common agenda: the exchange between people from different cities, countries and regions in Europa and the promotion of intercultural dialogue.

Sergei Savitskiy
First chairman of «MultiKultiUA»
+380 50 401 50 46

Address: 61002, Ukraine, Kharkiv, Darvina str. 9, of. 27 

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